When the ethnologist invited them to listen to a sonata together, it was already dark and each and every tribe member that greeted him was already otherwise engaged. Yet, one by one, they came to a standstill as the music pervaded their souls. A communion thus ensued, of the sort which occurs every now and then amongst men: beyond words, the tears they shed in that shared moment would forever pulse through their hearts. To this day does this story mold mine.

As far back as memories go, music has ofttimes allowed me to escape the present – or perhaps has it enabled me to reconnect with it? Drifting from around a street corner, or from a window left ajar… Inspired by those unexpected encounters that pepper life and give it its flavour, that expose us at our most vulnerable… The torpidity of daily reality eats away at who we are, until that instant when, just for a short while, a melody unites us with the only experience that endows our existence with meaning: emotion. Time then stops and gives way to the senses.

This is what drives me to compose; what steers me when I play: I would like to create an interlude in the lives of those who listen to my music. Once it comes to an end, their daily grind will surely resume. But maybe, just maybe, it will have stirred an afterthought that will invite them to revisit it – and with all my heart, I wish them to be inspired and to create in turn.

So many melodies, which have moved me to my core, have breathed life into this album. Thank you to all those who have made this journey possible. May the music now awaken your emotions.